Materials For Handmade Jewelry

Are you looking for handmade jewelry making materials? Handmade jewelry is assembled and made by hands. You can also make handmade jewelry using latches or drills. The rule, however, that is you must guide these tools using your hands. Below are the materials you can use to make handmade jewelry.

They Are:

1) Silver Metal


You can use silver metal in handmade jewelry making. However, because silver is too soft when pure, it is usually alloyed or blended with copper. Silver is popular in the production of handmade jewelry as it is the best electrical and thermal conductor among metals.

There are several types of alloyed silver. They include 800 silver that is 80%silver, 10% copper, and the rest other metals,
950 silver that has 95% silver and five per cent copper or other metals.

You can also use 925 Sterling Silver that includes 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. You should keep in mind this is universally accepted standards.

2) Gold


Gold is another precious metal you can use in handmade jewelry. It’s also blended with copper or silver to create a durable alloy. Karat is the percentage of the pure gold that an alloy contains while karat (c or car) is used in precious gems measurement.The percentage of gold in a jewelry item determines its karat.

Some types of gold include solid gold that is an alloy that measures at least 10 kg of gold without being hollow, White gold that is gold and nickel alloy. It sometimes contains zinc or palladium. There is also Blue gold that is an alloy of gold and iron, containing metals.

3) Platinum


You can also use platinum in handmade jewelry. You should know that platinum is rare and expensive than gold. It’s silver-white in color and is fortified with other metals such as osmium, nickel or iridium as a material in making jewelry. You can know the platinum percentage through the standard platinum quality mark from its manufacturer. That indicates the platinum percentage. For example, (Pt 1000) means its pure platinum.

4) Beads

You can also use beads for handmade jewelry. These include bamboo, crystal, ceramic, and seed, gemstone and precious metal beads.

5) Flower Jewelry

You can also use dried or fresh flowers to make jewelry. They make beautiful ornamental jewelry for body decorations.
What to Consider in Handmade Jewelry

1) You should choose the color, style, and texture of your materials carefully. That’s because they need to be comfortable and beautiful when wearing.

2) Remember that if you use casting, punch presses or Computer Numerical Control machinery, your products will not qualify as handmade jewelry according to the United States Federal Trade Commission.

3) You should take care when washing your hand made jewelry. That’s because any jewelry, be it the tough metals ones, can scratch if not handled carefully.

4)You should avoid exposing your jewelry to chemicals,polishes and water as it contains chlorine. Chlorine can damage your gold jewelry.


The above guide for handmade jewelry material should make it easier for your handmade jewelry work. You should remember that products of handmade jewelry are very personal productions and require skill and dedication to produce. You can also inquire from your insurance on their covers on this valuable hand made jewelry.

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